"Ricks Ride"
Old Number 16

The Motor

Well finally its pretty well done. Put on the old school finned top rocker covers that we had powdercoated to top her off.

I like the color seperation in the motor as it has tunred out. Black silver , black silver...etc. Looks good and as you can also see we added some brass pushrod upper covers just to add some color rick.

You can see here the Chrome Coil cover, with the Dyna High performance coil, blue Taylor High performace wires.

and if you look close you can see the gold plated head bolt covers! Got to add some color to that side as well.

So here she is. All good to go and ready to slip in when the frame comes back. A lot of little pieces to work on yet but the heart of her is 88" and ready to rock!!


Don't be sheep.....Be Unique!!!!

PAGE 1: Getting some things together CLICK HERE
PAGE 2: Up on her wheels CLICK HERE
PAGE 3: Risers, electrical box, rear fender fab CLICK HERE
PAGE 4: Tank Mounts and Rear fender mods CLICK HERE
PAGE 5: Motor and Tranny touches CLICK HERE
PAGE 6: Zeke laying some paint on CLICK HERE
PAGE 7: Engine Assembly CLICK HERE
PAGE 8: Engine Assembly complete CLICK HERE
PAGE 9: Assembly in frame begining CLICK HERE
PAGE 10: Assembly in frame CLICK HERE
PAGE 11: Assembly in frame CLICK HERE
PAGE 12: Assembly the painted stuff CLICK HERE
PAGE 13: Painted fenders CLICK HERE
PAGE 14: Outside on her wheels CLICK HERE
PAGE 15: Ricks Dad and Mom drop by to check it out CLICK HERE
PAGE 16: Working on the wiring CLICK HERE
PAGE 17: Making a new headlight mount CLICK HERE
PAGE 18: Some finished pictures and specs list CLICK HERE
PAGE 19: Its finally the day for the first Ride!!! CLICK HERE