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Located on the East Coast of Canada, PMC Ltd begain in 1989 as a small motorcycle shop dedicated to the everyday motor cycle rider who wanted to work and create thier own unique ride. Through out the years we developed in to a full custom shop that specialized in one off custom built motorcycles. As times and styles changed we feel we developed along with them. We can build you the motorcycle of you dreams and be sure you have a great experience as well. By going with the "ground up" method you will have exactly what type of bike you want and it will definately be one of a kind.

The ability to have your very own unique ride is after all, a great part of the "Biker Philosopy". As you continue to explore our site I think you will see what we mean. You can view many examples of the different bikes we have built though out the years, some with complete articles of them as they were being built as well.

We specialize in early models, being a bit "old school" ourselves. So if you are looking for a shop, with plenty of experience, to do work on your pre-2000 bike, or your newer Harley, then check us out as an option. Knuckles, Shovels, Pans, Ironhead sporsters and Early Evo's and Twin Cams...we are a service center for all your needs. Having been here, now going on 30 years, we know what are our strengths. Bring your nostalgic bikes and engines to us to be refreshed back to how they should run.



Trikes above built by PM Cycles.
Just click on pic for articles on each Trike build.

We are also very proud to be a Dealer for Frankenstein Trikes. If your Harley big decker is getting to heavy or the thought of converting your own bike to trike appeals to you then a come and sit down and talk to us about your needs. You never have to put your feet down at stop lights and by installing a reverse gear set up no need to push the trike around at all. Check us out for a kit of your needs. You can check out more info at Frankestein Trikes by clicking Here



We are also proud to be a Dealer for Motor Trike Reverse Gear Kits. For all your reverse needs, be it on a trike or heavy bike, the Motor Trike Reverse set up is clean and dependable. Who better to get a reverse set up from than someone who builds trikes themselves. For more info you can click here.

We are proud to be a long time Canadian Distributor for the Fitch Fuel Catalyst products. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst transforms gasoline and diesel into a superior quality of fuel, allowing a combustion engine to extract the maximum amount of energy with minimal emissions. Get more Performance out of your engines for less, less money, less pollution, less fuel consumption and less maintenance headaches.The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is very cost effective. Help us work towards a cleaner environment and lower emissions with the use of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst.

It is also a "Permanent Fuel Stabilizer" which is great for motorcycles and small equipment. Just drop it in and forget about it. It will last for 250,000 miles. Your bike will love you for it. Guaranteed


F5T - Power Sports Pack - Snowmobiles, Jet Skis, ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Motorcycles (single, double or split tank application), Outboard Motors, small tractors -(Two F5T-1's in one packet)
NOTE: You must use both units in one vehicle to attain full results!!

NOTE: "Snowmobiles with under 10 gallon tank and under 150 HP Require 1 F5T pack."
"Snowmobiles with over 10 gallon tank or over 150 HP May Require one additional F5T-1 Unit"

PRICE - RETAIL: $113.95

FSH5T-2   Buy 2 F5T packages -- Free Shipping!
PRICE - RETAIL: $227.90

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PM Cycles Ltd.
7224 Brooklyn Street
Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia
Canada, B4N 3V7
Phone: 902-679-2828
Fax: 902-679-0725


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