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Welcome to our newest section of parts for sale. These handmade items from PMC are sure to be items that can be bought for your own private space or for friends. There will also be random parts for sale as they come. They are listed at the bottom of the page in "Just Parts".

1. First is our Plasma cut signs. These are just some examples of the work we can do for you with our newest machine more affectionatly know as "Eleanor". She is sweet and can create just about anything you would need.

Click Here  Plasma Signs and Parts 

Also along the same line of plasma cut signs we have a special section called "The Stainless Steel Collection". Each sign has been mounted with brass screws, or nuts and washers, to the Stainless Steel backing plates to enhance the finished look. The signs are finished and mounted and ready for your wall.

Click Here The Stainless Steel Collection 

2. Next is our "Rode Hard - Put Away Wet" line of hand made products. These are actual used products taken from vintage and some later, but pre 2000 year, motorcycle parts which are designed, and made, for the Biker who needs that something special for their own space. Each time they look at one of these creations they will no doubt remember a time gone by and it will bring a smile to their faces. These will be treasured pieces which will bring back many memories. Perhaps that bike they had many years ago that they had so many great memories of. My small contibution to the on going love and repsect for motorcycles gone but never forgotten. Understandably these will be a "Limited Edition" run of things as they will only be produced as the objects are available.

Click Here  The Rode Hard - Put away Wet Collection 

3. This section is our very own PMC "Strong Bar Front End Stablizer" for early ,pre 2000, harley fron ends. These are avilable now in bare aluminium to be finished as you like. Take the shake out of your front end with one of these.

Click Here  Strong Bars 

4. This section is for our own PMC "Handmade Seats" for Shovelheads. Often a problem, not only for taller riders, but for those who want a truly comfortable custom seat for their Shovelhead.


Click Here  Shovelhead Seats 

5. This section is for our own PMC "Solo Driver Backrest". after searching for some customers we realized that the choices were none or very limited for some models. We decided to design and make a comfortable, fully adjustable drivers seat backrest. These are available for Shovelheads and pre-2000 Evolution softails.


Click Here  Solo Drivers Backrest 

6. This section is for our own PMC "Piston Installation Plates" for Shovelhead and Evolution motors. If you ever had to put the cylinder on over the piston and rings you know that it can be difficult at times. These plates make this job a easy.

Click Here  Piston Installation Plates 

7. This section is for our Stainless Steel "Signal Light Mounts" for shrouded Tin type front ends, and custom uses. If you ever tried to mount small lights to a shrouded type front end...you hear what we are saying. Check out our Stainless Steel mounts.


Click Here  Signal Light Mounts 

8. This section is for our new PMC Air Breather Covers. We have a full line of covers and can help you get set up with just the cover, or a manifold as well. These are quick to install and we do custom orders as well.

Click Here  Air Breather Covers 

9. This section will be "Parts" new and used. These will be some things we are listing as Sale items. Parts will change as things are bought and sold.

Click Here  Just Parts 

F5T - Power Sports Pack - Snowmobiles, Jet Skis, ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Motorcycles (single, double or split tank application), Outboard Motors, small tractors -(Two F5T-1's in one packet)
NOTE: You must use both units in one vehicle to attain full results!!

NOTE: "Snowmobiles with under 10 gallon tank and under 150 HP Require 1 F5T pack."
"Snowmobiles with over 10 gallon tank or over 150 HP May Require one additional F5T-1 Unit"

PRICE - RETAIL: $113.95

FSH5T-2   Buy 2 F5T packages --Get Free Shipping!
PRICE - RETAIL: $227.90


PM Cycles Ltd.
7224 Brooklyn Street
Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia
Canada, B4N 3V7
Phone: 902-679-2828
Fax: 902-679-0725


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