"Ricks Ride"
Old Number 16


Well the bars are going on and we are starting to pick away at the front end. Hooking up the brake and lines and stuff.

Got the altenator in now and hooked up to the regulator. Left side shift control is on and added the brass powder-coated shift peg as well. Sweet...

Got the early 90's style HD Springer brake on now. Had to mill off the spot for the Harley emblem and decided to throw a few grooves in it just to give it some class. Polished it up and " Bob's your uncle" so they say..ha ha. Added the black clear coated brake line as well. It should look nice and clean with the remaining wiring run through the Black and Fat 1 1/4 bars.

A few more nice Brass touches on the headlight ring and the "Holy Shit" Solid Brass hand grips...ha ha..

So here is what she will look like comin at ya......its coming and its sweet..!! And we ain't near done yet.....


She's starting to take shape Rick.....stay tuned..

PPAGE 1: Getting some things together CLICK HERE
PAGE 2: Up on her wheels CLICK HERE
PAGE 3: Risers, electrical box, rear fender fab CLICK HERE
PAGE 4: Tank Mounts and Rear fender mods CLICK HERE
PAGE 5: Motor and Tranny touches CLICK HERE
PAGE 6: Zeke laying some paint on CLICK HERE
PAGE 7: Engine Assembly CLICK HERE
PAGE 8: Engine Assembly complete CLICK HERE
PAGE 9: Assembly in frame begining CLICK HERE
PAGE 10: Assembly in frame CLICK HERE
PAGE 11: Assembly in frame CLICK HERE
PAGE 12: Assembly the painted stuff CLICK HERE
PAGE 13: Painted fenders CLICK HERE
PAGE 14: Outside on her wheels CLICK HERE
PAGE 15: Ricks Dad and Mom drop by to check it out CLICK HERE
PAGE 16: Working on the wiring CLICK HERE
PAGE 17: Making a new headlight mount CLICK HERE
PAGE 18: Some finished pictures and specs list CLICK HERE
PAGE 19: Its finally the day for the first Ride!!! CLICK HERE