"Ricks Ride"
Old Number 16

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Cleaned off unecessary coil mounts and regulator mounts from frame to clean it all up and welded in a new lower oil tank mount.

Made new front seat mount.The tank mounts have bungs welded in the frame 3/4" deep and threaded. This is one of the points that many miss and because the frame is thin it does not leave much thread when it is tapped out. Over a period of time the tank will loosen and work on these threads. Next thing you know they will not keep the tank on tight. By drilling holes and inserting in these bugs this problem is eliminated.

Working on the rear fender now and then to paint! Fabricating the lower, middle and sissy bar mounts.I decided to actually weld stand offs on the fender so that when it is finally assembled the sissy bar mounts have a solid surface to bolt to and will eliminate it working on the painted flat surface of the fender. It is also braced inside the fender from side to side for extra strength in this area.

Cutting out the fender to give it a better shape and to expose more of the huge whitewall tire.

Then start adding some round bar to give it defined edges and smooth it up all around.

She is now on her way to Zeke for paint!! Can't wait to see it when it comes back!!


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PAGE 1: Getting some things together CLICK HERE
PAGE 2: Up on her wheels CLICK HERE
PAGE 3: Risers, electrical box, rear fender fab CLICK HERE
PAGE 4: Tank Mounts and Rear fender mods CLICK HERE
PAGE 5: Motor and Tranny touches CLICK HERE
PAGE 6: Zeke laying some paint on CLICK HERE
PAGE 7: Engine Assembly CLICK HERE
PAGE 8: Engine Assembly complete CLICK HERE
PAGE 9: Assembly in frame begining CLICK HERE
PAGE 10: Assembly in frame CLICK HERE
PAGE 11: Assembly in frame CLICK HERE
PAGE 12: Assembly the painted stuff CLICK HERE
PAGE 13: Painted fenders CLICK HERE
PAGE 14: Outside on her wheels CLICK HERE
PAGE 15: Ricks Dad and Mom drop by to check it out CLICK HERE
PAGE 16: Working on the wiring CLICK HERE
PAGE 17: Making a new headlight mount CLICK HERE
PAGE 18: Some finished pictures and specs list CLICK HERE
PAGE 19: Its finally the day for the first Ride!!! CLICK HERE