"Ricks Ride"
Old Number 16


Now its down to the crunch time and oh boy...its wiring time. Rick will be here in a week and this ride has to be ready. If not....I told him we would have to finish it together...ha ha

As you can see we are having fun now. Hooking up LED lights and have them work the way you want can be trying at times. Having the Badlands siginal module in the bike, so the turn signals will shut off automatically, can play havock with LED lights. I wanted to run the rear signals as brake lights as well. Well go some tricks up my sleeve to do that...just takes some special wiring parts and some time. But she is all working like a charm now.

Here is the front stuff pretty well done now. Still got the rear fender wiring to go yet but think we will make it. Everything is covered in copper braided sleeve, with shrink wrapped ends, and it all looks pretty cool matching the copper oil lines etc. No sense having just black wires running front to rear when you can show them off with something better. Its all the little things that makes a custom bike special. It takes some extra time but on this ride...I think it will all be worth it.

See ya next week Ricky!!


Soon Rick.....soon...ha ha...

PAGE 1: Getting some things together CLICK HERE
PAGE 2: Up on her wheels CLICK HERE
PAGE 3: Risers, electrical box, rear fender fab CLICK HERE
PAGE 4: Tank Mounts and Rear fender mods CLICK HERE
PAGE 5: Motor and Tranny touches CLICK HERE
PAGE 6: Zeke laying some paint on CLICK HERE
PAGE 7: Engine Assembly CLICK HERE
PAGE 8: Engine Assembly complete CLICK HERE
PAGE 9: Assembly in frame begining CLICK HERE
PAGE 10: Assembly in frame CLICK HERE
PAGE 11: Assembly in frame CLICK HERE
PAGE 12: Assembly the painted stuff CLICK HERE
PAGE 13: Painted fenders CLICK HERE
PAGE 14: Outside on her wheels CLICK HERE
PAGE 15: Ricks Dad and Mom drop by to check it out CLICK HERE
PAGE 16: Working on the wiring CLICK HERE
PAGE 17: Making a new headlight mount CLICK HERE
PAGE 18: Some finished pictures and specs list CLICK HERE
PAGE 19: Its finally the day for the first Ride!!! CLICK HERE