"Ground Pounder"

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The Oil Tank and Gas Tank

Got a call from Zeke today and he said I might want to come out and take a peek and see how its coming. I just can't wait for these days. I'm like a kid in a candy store and Zeke never dissapoints me. Now this is just the flamed sections and the panels are not done yet but I think its going to look wicked when its done. Here is the oil tank and the bottom section will be done with the mural we have planned. I you look up in the left hand corner you can see a bit of the black powdercoated headlight with a touch of flames on it. details.....

Then it was the gas tank...I like the way the flames follow the ridge lines I put on the tank and fenders. Gives it movement just sitting there..

Want to see the fenders?? Just click next.....


PAGE 1: Got to stat somewhere...CLICK HERE
PAGE 2: Starting the gas tank CLICK HERE
PAGE 3: Eliminating the fuel hole CLICK HERE
PAGE 4: Front and rear fender CLICK HERE
PAGE 5: Make the derbis deflector CLICK HERE
PAGE 7: Gone for paint CLICK HERE
PAGE 8: A visit to Zeke's to check on progess CLICK HERE
PAGE 9: Engine and wheels CLICK HERE
PAGE 10: Oil filter and regulator bracket CLICK HERE
PAGE 11: Oil filter black powdered CLICK HERE
PAGE 12: Frame and Transmission CLICK HERE
PAGE 13: Oil Tank and gas tank CLICK HERE
PAGE 14: Painted fenders CLICK HERE
PAGE 15: Done - Spec SheetCLICK HERE