"Ground Pounder"

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The Oil Filter and Regulator Mount

Trying to get the last little things ready beofre that paint comes back. Took a shit load of parts up to the powder coaters to get done in gloss black. Rocker covers, shortened fender sruts, side panel covers, lower fork legs etc. Sometimes you just can't help yourself from making something. I wanted something different on this bike and because I had removed the original regulator mount off the frame I had room for this. I knew this bracket had to be done today as they were ready to coat stuff later on this afternoon.

Built out of plate steel this baby will last. Sometimes simplicity is best and the right way to go. This bracket is just that. Its Heavy duty and does the job. The 1/4" thick rear mount will mount soild under the front of the motor and be held on with the grade 8 front engine mounting bolts.

I added the clamp for the wires just to keep it neat and clean....or I just can't leave things well enough alone...ha ha

Gone for powder now..........


PAGE 1: Got to stat somewhere...CLICK HERE
PAGE 2: Starting the gas tank CLICK HERE
PAGE 3: Eliminating the fuel hole CLICK HERE
PAGE 4: Front and rear fender CLICK HERE
PAGE 5: Make the derbis deflector CLICK HERE
PAGE 7: Gone for paint CLICK HERE
PAGE 8: A visit to Zeke's to check on progess CLICK HERE
PAGE 9: Engine and wheels CLICK HERE
PAGE 10: Oil filter and regulator bracket CLICK HERE
PAGE 11: Oil filter black powdered CLICK HERE
PAGE 12: Frame and Transmission CLICK HERE
PAGE 13: Oil Tank and gas tank CLICK HERE
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PAGE 15: Done - Spec SheetCLICK HERE