"Ground Pounder"

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The Frame and Transmission

Got the frame back and its time to get at it. Its jet black and I mean jet black. I love it. front forks are on now and the black powdered fork legs look great.

Getting the swing arm, belt and chrome tranny plate ready here.

Now for the tranny itself. I put all new bearings in the case and roller bearings for the gears to spin on.

I needed a new shift assembly so I put a heavy duty Baker Unit in. No one builds trannys like Baker and you can't beat the quality. Put it in and forget about it.

Stuff the gears in....set up the shift barrel assembly.....bolt on a new rear belt pully...tighten it all up and presto....tranny ready to slip in. Check off another thing...only a couple to go now..ha ha.


PAGE 1: Got to stat somewhere...CLICK HERE
PAGE 2: Starting the gas tank CLICK HERE
PAGE 3: Eliminating the fuel hole CLICK HERE
PAGE 4: Front and rear fender CLICK HERE
PAGE 5: Make the derbis deflector CLICK HERE
PAGE 7: Gone for paint CLICK HERE
PAGE 8: A visit to Zeke's to check on progess CLICK HERE
PAGE 9: Engine and wheels CLICK HERE
PAGE 10: Oil filter and regulator bracket CLICK HERE
PAGE 11: Oil filter black powdered CLICK HERE
PAGE 12: Frame and Transmission CLICK HERE
PAGE 13: Oil Tank and gas tank CLICK HERE
PAGE 14: Painted fenders CLICK HERE
PAGE 15: Done - Spec SheetCLICK HERE