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What Owners are saying about the Fitch

Joshua S. | 2008 Chevy Avalanche
I was initially skeptical of the claims, but I bought one with hope. Was extremely easy to install (about 20 min). I drive a full size Chevy truck. If I keep my foot out of the throttle, on the highway, I see about a 3-mpg increase (not much in the city). When I put my foot in the throttle, there is a noticeable increase in power. Also, my idle has never been so smooth.

Marc H. | 2008 Chevy Cobalt
Very easy to install on my Chevy after I find good position for mounting. After I installed the Fitch Fuel and I can feel my Engine idle smoother than before. Recommend!

Donerine C. | 1989 Chevy Camaro
I was looking for ways "How to save a Fuel". My "beast" love to eat and drink so much, I had to put him on a diet :) This Fitch Fuel Catalyst really works, I gave it a week to see how much fuel I was saving. And it was between 2 to 3 mpg. I installed it in the engine compartment driver's side radiator cover. You will need a special tool to remove the fuel clip and once your remove that, I just had to remove one screw on the top right side of the radiator and replaced it with a longer screw. Total install took about 25 min. I'm happy.

Nicholas B. | 1995 Jeep Wrangler
Had it a few weeks on my Jeep Wrangler 1995. Seemed to give a more power and smoother engine performance. Don't notice the fuel to go as quickly as before, need a month or so more to get the exact mileage, but sure seems to have improved.

Barry M. | 1997 Dodge Dakota
I am a long time believer in Fitch. Been using the pellet type for years now. Read all the hype and one day just decided to order some and try it for myself. It works so well I have hundreds and hundreds of dollars of these things in use right now in all manner of fossil fuel burning items, although this is the first time I've ever ordered this canister type for a vehicle. I don't look at Fitch as a mileage thing. To me, it's simply a "best fuel you can possibly burn" kind of thing. I'm sure there's some extra mileage in there somewhere, but what I like is looking at the exhaust of all my stuff (lawn mowers, generator, snowmobiles, kerosene heaters, weed whackers, my truck, etc.) and seeing CLEAN mufflers and CLEAN burning kerosene heaters and CLEAN tailpipes, as well as CLEAN carburetors and CLEAN fuel injectors. Was talking with a good friend of mine a few years back about Fitch. I took him into my garage and showed him the business end of my kerosene space heater (the kind that looks like a jet engine). His exact words upon seeing my totally clean kerosene heater that I use as my sole source of heat in the garage during the winter was, and I quote, "Holy sh**!" :) Needless to say the man is a Fitch man, today. If the fuel is burning so much cleaner with Fitch than without it you just know you're squeezing every ounce of energy from whatever it is you're burning.


Express Alliance Courier Delivery Service - 1994 Semi, 1997 GMC Box Van, 2001 Internatioanl Semi, 2006 Sprinter Van, 2004 Toyota Sienna
We have seen a noticeable improvement in overall fuel economy on all of our vehicles both diesel and gasoline and plan to continue our plan to outfit our entire fleet in the near future. I drive some of these vehicles myself and have personally witnessed an increase of 20 to 85 miles driven per full tank of fuel (both diesel and gasoline) which equates to an increase of 1 to 3 miles per gallon. I fully recommend the Fitch Fuel Catalyst as an aide to reducing the high operating costs of trucking companies both large and small.Click here for full document

Eddie Adler 2003 F150 Harley Truck, 402 RWHP + 586 Foot lbs torque:

ZACK GORE - 1978 Chev C-30 Dually with a 1993-94 GMC drivetrain (5.7L throttle body fuel injection V-8 / 4L60 overdrive transmission)
I can't tell you how well the Fitch has made our pickup run. Instead of just being a work truck, its actually a joy to drive now. I can recommend this product to friends without question. It really works well. Thanks for the great filter! Zack

PAT MCMORROW - GMC, Chrysler, F-150 Ford and Harley Davidson, 2010:
We have Fitch Fuel Catalyst in our GMC, Chrysler, F-150 1986 Ford, H/D motorcycle and this will be for our new 2010 F-150 5.4 V-8 Ford Harley Davidson addition. I can attest to the increase in fuel economy anywhere from 2-3 more miles per gallon. The long trips we almost got 3.4 more miles per gallon. I kept records of miles per gallons before each Fitch was installed in our vehicles. A happy customer.

2003 Toyota Tacoma:
I had one on my Tacoma, it was an 03 with the 2.7l 3rz, at first after I installed it there was maybe 1mpg better, but after rereading the install instruction I disconected the battery for the ecu to clear and then repowered the truck. After that according to fitch the ecu will remap fuel injection cycles for the better quality fuel. After 3 complete tanks of gas I hand number crunched and got a consistant 3.2 mpg increase. I have plans to install another on my truck now, but I'm waiting to save up and get the titan tank, the Glacier line kits and an airdog 2 all at once. So I can honestly say i reccomend the Fitch fuel cataylst. Oh and I also got on of the small drop in catalyst for the lawn mower and it did run better.
Click here for full document

1996 Ford Crown Victoria, David Morales :
My personal opinion is that this product has worked efficently, and increased mileage....
Click here for full document

2010 GMC Sierra 5.3, Mike Russo :
Before the Fitch was installed, I was averaging about 17 mpg between highway and city driving.......I drove around that weekend and gassed up a couple days later and found I was averaging 21 mpg. Thanks for a great product.
Click here for full document

2003 Chevy K1500 Sierra 4x4 GMC Sierra, Gary Jones :
My truck is running a lot better I filled up the gas tank last Monday. A week ago my trucks a 2003 Chevy 100k miles 4x4, I’ve driven around town for a week stop and go traffic and today my gas gage says 3/4 of a tank of fuel. so id say the fitch works and I’m glad its on my truck, before I’d get maybe 3-4 days driving around town before my gas gage said 3/4 now its 7 days.
Click here for full document

Tom Sara, Quebec Canada
Install went well and being a third time purchaser of a Fitch Fuel Catalyst I can once again say within about a minute it was clearly evident that the Shelby's idle became smoother and there was a noticeable smoother quieter operation of the engine, same as on the previous two vehicles I've installed a Fitch on, a 2003 Lincoln ls V8 and a 2004 SVT Cobra. In the case of the Cobra as I mentioned the car put out 615 RWHP, with an aggressive street tune, one range colder plugs, hi flow cats and a host of other mods. This car was sold to someone in Ontario where emissions testing is mandatory...the 04 SVT Cobra, with a performance tune, 60 lb injectors and a 2.3l whipple charger putting out 17 lbs. of boost, passed with flying colours, we're talking smart car type emissions! Regards,
Click here for full document

2000 Ford Crown Victoria 4-door sedan, 2010
Click here for full spec sheet

1991 Mercedes 350 Diesel 4-door sedan, 2010
Click here for full spec sheet

Ron Ritchie..NC, 2004 Ford F150
I installed my first Fitch Fuel Catalyst in Aug. 2008 on my '04 F-150. My mileage has literally gone from 13.5 mpg to at least 17 mpg around town. I am planning on installing one on my son's 88 F series this spring when he turns 16. I encourage everyone I know to get one. There seemed to be a break in period of 2 t0 3 months before I really started to see any difference. I applaud you for making a real and honest working product. Thank You. I will put a fitch on every vehicle I drive until the day I die.

Jason Mowry, 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser
My vehicle is now averaging 2 mpg more than before installing Fitch. This is for a 2008 FJ Cruiser automatic transmission. I have had the vehicle for a year and no matter how I drove I never got over 18.5 mpg combined highway and city. I drive about equal amounts highway and city. I drive a lot and have accumulated over 20,000 miles on my vehicle in little less than a year. Now I am averaging 20.8 mpg. It is hard to believe but this Fitch device actually works! I am very happy and impressed with this Fitch fuel catalyst. I have not changed my driving habits to test the catalyst. I drive the same as always and this increase is real. Thank you. I am going to post this on the 2 major FJ cruiser forums.

Thomas from Guam, I have Fitch in EVERYTHING!!
I have a 1998 Ford Ranger. I bought it at an auction at a really cheap price. When I first got the truck I started to log my lileage to get my baseline. I was getting around 300 mi to the tank, which comes up to about 20-21 MPG. Since I added the fitch, I consistantly get over 400 mi to the tank. This means that I picked up around 7 MPG, bringing my total MPG to 27. This is great. When I calculated the savings, it comes up to over $1000 a year in savings on one vehicle. I now have the Fitch on my 1952 Willy's M38, Kubota tractor, 1998 Kawasaki Mule 2500 UTV, 2001 BMW 525i, 1995 Dodge Dakota, Kubota 20KW generator, water blaster, lawn mower and my Shindawa bush cutter and its in all my gas containers. Now all my equipment runs better and they are a lot easier to start. Also, when I store gas, even if it sits for long periods of time, the gas will not smell like varnish and always seems to be fresh. If I get any other equipment that run on Gas or Diesel, I'm definitely putting in a Fitch.

James Woodruff, 20 Year Old Honda - Never Ran Better

So far so good! Started every time and runs better then it ever did and I thought it was running pretty good before. In fact it has never started as good as it is starting now using Fitch. If it continues this will be one hot 20 year old car with 227, 000 miles and some rust. I'm getting 31 - 35 mpg, maybe it will increase some. Even with using Fitch in my lawn mower, I'm cutting 12 inch or taller grass with year old gas and never missing a beat. Didn't run that good with new gas and my neighbors brand new mower bogs down all the time.

John Yeradi (KS), 2004 Subaru Forester Turbo
“My 2004 Subaru Forester Turbo (4 cylinder) was rated on the window sticker to get 19 MPG city and 23 highway. I had the Fitch 6T installed in late April 2005 and have averaged 22 MPG in the city. That’s a 16% increase, plus the car runs more smoothly and it cleans up the whole fuel injection system even though I continue to use premium grade fuel. On a recent highway trip I got 26-27 MPG (a 15% improvement over its rated highway MPG of 22). In August 2005 I ordered two more for both of our family’s other vehicles, a 1998 Subaru Legacy GT (4 cyl) and a 1999 Chevy Silverado pickup (V8). I also use the small drop-in units in a gas tank for my weed eater and lawnmower. Before I used to have to pull the chain several times and a lot of black smoke came out. Now they start right up with no smoke!”

Adriana Sanchez Gomez, Founder & CEO Energy Consultants FL,2003 Toyota RAV 4
“We installed an F200 catalyst into our Toyota RAV 4, 2wd, 2003 the day before our road trip to the keys. We did not have to refuel until after 5 days and obtained around 50 extra miles. We traveled over 300 miles in that trip. Today after 3 months, I consistently receive 50 miles (city + 1 day long distance commute) to 80 extra miles (city w/ 3 days long distance commute). So far, we are very happy with the results and are going to install a catalyst in our other vehicle.”

Jim Rudnicki, Niles Indiana,2004 Taurus SES 3.0
I ordered a Fitch Fuel Catalyst (F3824) for my 2004 Taurus SES 3.0 just over a month ago. I am happy to report, my city driving went from 18.2 mpg to 21.6 mpg and highway driving was ~24 mpg and went to 27.7 These are conservative measurements over 583 miles. I am very impressed. At $4.00 a gallon my Fitch Fuel Catalyst will be paid for before the first year of use.

Harley,Arizona, Jeep Wrangler
I installed the Fitch canister on my Wrangler about two weeks ago. The install was easy which was nice because I'm not a mechanic & only have the most basic tools. I definitely noticed a little better throttle response and power. What's really important to me though, is the increased mileage. My Jeep is modified: lift, gears, tires, motor. I was getting about 17.8 MPG and it's too soon to give you an accurate average, but the numbers for my first fill-up without having been off road, look like I'm getting about 20.5 MPG. I'm surprised! It's a real pleasure to purchase a product that performs as advertised. The FFC kicks a$$. Thank you.

Mike Rommel, 1994 Z-28
My 94 Z-28 with an LT-1, 350 engine went from 30.9 to 33.7 mpg using the Fitch.

Michael Healey,TX, GMC 1995-5.7
I ordered and installed a Fitch fuel system for a 1995, GMC 5.7L 2wd. I then headed out from Nampa Id. to El Pas, Tx (1340 miles). Upon average of 1,340 miles, the P/U received 20.92 mpg. The best tank ever (26 gals.) was around 17 mpg and I usually got 14.5 to 16.3 mpg. Needless to say, this upgrade is best bang for the buck I have done. I figure I received 15.5 mpg on the highway average and just under 14 mpg city. I don't know what the city mpg will be yet but if it is anything like the highway mpg, I will definitely be pleased. So far, this is well over a 20% increase in mpg on the highway and I am hoping to get a 12-15% increase in the city environment. I will be buying 2 more units when funds are available for my other vehicles. Great Product. Thanks

Grant Brooks, Jerseyville, Ontario Canada,Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998, 2008
I just wanted to thank you for being so pleasant to deal with. I had ordered a Fitch kit for my 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the fuel fittings were larger and I returned them and in no time at all the proper ones were in my mail box. They fit on perfectly and I noticed an increase in fuel economy right away on my trip computer. Thanks again for the great service. I am now telling everyone I know the benefits of Fitch.

Gary J. Eagle,1972 Ford Torino 351ci
I'm an old gear-head, cutting my teeth on a number of 1960's and 1970's muscle cars. Now in my fifties, I can't get enough of shows like Horespower TV. On a recent episode, the techs ran some impressive tests on a high-performance engine with a Fitch fuel catalyst, showing increased power and improved fuel consumption, as well as reduced emissions. I knew I had to get one for my 1972 Ford Torino. With 86K original miles, it has a fresh 351C engine with lots of performance upgrades:
I emailed the folks at Fitch with my Torino specs, and they responded very quickly, recommending the appropriate catalyst unit for my application. After installing the Fitch unit, I had a dyno run on it, and it pulled another 10 horses without any kind of tuning. Not long after, I had to get the car smogged, and was quite worried since the last time I had the car tested for emissions, it failed. To my surprise, it passed with flying colors! Since this is really a fair-weather car, I only put a few hundred miles on it a year (not to mention a number of 1/4 mile runs at the local dragstrip). I can honestly say the car starts easier and runs better after long periods of non-use than it ever has. It's nice knowing I don't need to worry about the gas going sour from sitting in the tank for months on end. If you're like me, seeing is believing, and Fitch sure has made a believer out of me. You gotta get one!

Mike Santor, 1972 Nova, 383ci
“I installed a Fitch Fuel Catalyst on my 1972 Nova with a 383 stroker blower motor 1-4 barrel carb. I have noticed the car just plain RUNS BETTER!!! When I pulled the car out this year, I filled up with super and the car would just not run good. I had very noticeable pre-ignition problems. Now with Fitch, there are no more problems – nothing but awesome power and smooth performance.”

Eddie Adler, Marrero, Diesel Truck
Just wanted to let you know just how good the Fitch Fuel Catalyst system works. The first thing I noticed was the power. It felt like I put an additive in the fuel tank. The second thing I noticed was that the black smoke that a diesel produces when you are under full throttle was cut in half. This is a great product!

John Nagle,Harrisville RI, 2008 Ford Powerstroke 6.4 Diesel 450
Things are good & the truck does get 1-2 miles more a gallon now with Fitch on it. Seems to run a little smoother with better throttle response.

Jon Barnett,Westchase Technology Systems, 2005 Ford Powerstroke 6.0 Diesel
Before putting in the fitch catalyst, I was getting 11.5 mpg in town and 17.5 on the highway. Immediately after installation, there was a shocking perfect idle from my diesel engine and it was soooo quiet. That was worth the cost in itself!!! One week after installation, we took an 8 hour trip on the highway. The trip computer in the truck said we were getting 18.5 mpg. At the first fillup, we did the calculation and it was actually 22.4 averaging 70mph here in Texas, with 5mph crosswind!!!

In town I am getting 13.5-14.0 mpg. This will allow a full return on this investment in 4200 miles on my Diesel, thats a savings of almost .07c per mile driven. That takes Diesel prices down .35c/gallon, from $3.89 to $3.54 with the Fitch, if my calculations are correct, thats like a federal tax break! We have installed this in our new 2008 Escalade and are awaiting a road trip for the findings on the large gas engine of GMs... Will update again. THANKS!

Adrian Vander Graaf, Cutting Edge Automotive Technologies Inc., 1999 GMC Yukon 5.7 Liter
I drove almost 3000 kms. and ½ of this distance with a loaded trailer. The difference compared to my last trip, which was identical, was a savings of approximately $ 250 in fuel cost as well as an increase in mileage of 5 mpg on average. I was impressed and satisfied with this purchase. It will pay for itself in a very short time. I have to say I am impressed.

Albert Vandervelde, 4 Wheel Drive Magazine, Canada, 6 month follow up after installation of the FFC: Click here for more on the article from 4 Wheel Drive Magazine.
The Fitch Fuel system is a simple bolt together system designed to improve fuel economy and emissions from your tailpipe. The systems come in an array of configurations to suit your engine displacement and fuel line connections. I usually regard these types of products with a skeptical eye. They seem akin to snake oil and bad dreams. With the system installed on our freshly re-built Jeep 4.0 liter, we started our test. We waited until the engine had at least 1500 miles on it since fuel consumption generally improves after the break in time and we didn't want that to obscure our test results.
After a week we did a 100 mile test section. Even with the low gears we had installed, we were able to reach 20.4 miles per gallon, which was better than the 18.5 mpg we measured before installing the Fitch system. Recently, we went up a tire size, which slightly reduced our engine RPM at highway speed, and over a 590 km test we reached a phenomenal 23.39 miles per gallon from our stroked 4.0. To keep tabs on the engine emission, we ran the Vancouver air care system twice: once before Fitch and once afterwards. We made a point of not adjusting anything during that two week period. Keep in mind that our 4.0 doesn't have a catalytic converter. Hydrocarbons dropped from 187 parts per million to 152 ppm while carbon monoxide dropped from .86 ppm to 19 ppm, which is a substancial reduction in tail pipe emissions.

Green Ryder Ltd, Hantsport N.S.
Green Rider Ltd. Has been in business since 1981, with the current owners having over 35 years of commuting experience. Operating under Motor Carrier License 2250 as granted by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. They provide transportation services, with 15 seat deluxe vans, to and from work and provide many other commuting services for special needs.
After running the Fitch Fuel Catalyst and studying the data over an 19-month period, on 6 of the vans in the fleet, they have realized an average 1.6 mpg better than the average of 12.50 mpg.. This showed an average 12.8% fuel savings.. Most all vans are Chevy's with Vortex and 350 engines using the F300 units with In-8-24 In-line Kits.

RV West Magazine,BC , Canada
"Before the installation, the Alfords’ RV was getting 4.42 kilometres-per-litre.Afterwards, Jim recorded 5.39 kilometres-per-litre,a 19 per cent increase in fuel efficiency. There was also a definite power increase, with Jim talking about his experience on a local steep incline.
"I usually have to drop down into second gear and I lose five kilometres-per-hour on the hill, but now I can leave it in drive and I only lose two kilometres-per-hour, said Jim." Click here for more on the article from RV West.

Laurie Worth J.P.
I was so impressed with the gain in fuel economy consumption that I then had the Fitch drop-in’s dropped into the fuel tank of my diesel motor home (4.3 litre motor). We motor homers are always looking for ways to go a little further for the dollars we spend.
The results again were impressive. Not only with regard to extra K’s per litre but also increased power. The vehicle was already a good puller and to gain here was an added plus. That characteristic diesel puff from the exhaust was also reduced.
Prior to drop-n’s the 3.5 ton Mitsubishi was giving between 5 and 6 k’s per litre. I was now getting in effect every fifth tank of fuel free, and due to the improved performance was not needing to drive the diesel as hard as previously (even though they are built for it).
I am telling all I can about the Fitch fuel, torque and horsepower improver and through you a number of my friends (including the new owners of my motor home, Tom and Pam) are enjoying a very good return on their investment in this product. Keep up the good work.

Hamk Tummers
I Hank Tummers, who has membership with C.M.C.A since the last three years (membership nr. Q 21064) and own a coaster motorhome, would like to inform that when I bought the coaster, I was very disappointing in the amount of fuel that I was using.
After talking to some people they gave me a telephone number of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in Queensland. Since that time, my fuel consumption went from 6.5kms per litre to 9.5kms per litre. And I saw improvement in performance of my vehicle. I couldn’t believe it!!
Therefore I would recommend this product to anyone who is interest in saving money!

Hank Williams, Ford Laser
First of all, I've been using the Fitch drop-ins in my Ford Laser 1300cc car (carberator gas engine, auto tranny) for the past 6 months and I'm extremely pleased with the increase in power I'm getting. the car has done 270,000km over tha past 13 years, and since I started using the fitch drop-ins the engine seems to have gotten a new burst in power! No need for me to doubt the fitch system at all!

Donald Petit ME
"I purchased a Fitch Fuel Catalyst for my BMW through "Bavarian Autosports", I love the product. Thank you."

JM, San Francisco, CA
"After installing the Fitch Fuel Catalyst my Chevy Avalanche 2500 gets 12Mpg Hwy instead of 11 at 80-83Mph steady state (Cal-Idaho). The Fitch helps mostly with improving the crummy "oxgenated" and "winter" gas...especially when allowed to sit for a week or more....This new gas is so wimpy (91 it claims) to begin with that whatever few volatiles it came with are usually gone in a week. The Fitch makes a difference that is felt in my seat. Even if I only picked up 1 mpg, at around $2.00/ gal in the Bay Area, that pays for itself pretty quickly."

" My 1970 Malibu ran great, but it runs much better with the Fitch. I never tested my car to see how much improvement it had done on a dyno, but I felt it behind the wheel with a nice crisp throttle improvement. Also I had great deal less smoke coming out the exhaust, and a less junk in my oil when it was time to change it. I would highly recommend this fuel treatment for anyone, even us Hot Rodders. It will pay it's self off. " Thanks Chuck
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After installing the Fitch Fuel Catalyst we found a definite improvement in performance and power. On one average trip to the airport, which is a regular run for our company, we found that the mileage was a great improvement. We now get about two runs on a tank of fuel where it used to take one tank for the run. We feel that the mileage improved about 15% easy and the performance and power gains were a definite show of the performance gained by using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. We highly recommend this product for all who are concerned about how the rising costs of fuel effects their business. We are now going to install a unit on our other 8 passanger limo and town cars to gain the saving for our business. Thanks for introducing us to this great product!!
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