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Fitch Units Kits & Prices


Free Shipping in Canada on Retail orders over $159.90!!
(Free shipping offer not valid in NWT and Nunavut)

F2T - are used to treat small engines under 3.5 hp, and all hand-held outdoor power equipment.
PRICE - RETAIL: $34.95

F5T-1 - are used to treat small engines over 3.5 hp such as motorcycles (under 350cc , 25 HP Max), outdoor power equipment, small outboard motors etc. The in tank unit, is simply placed in the fuel tank of the engine to be treated.
***As a stabilizer you may use one F5T-1 unit for each six gallons (27 liters) of fuel tank capacity. The F5T-1 in tank unit can also be used in conjunction with any in-line Fitch unit when fuel containing higher than normal contaminants or excess water is present. As well, in seasonal and stationary applications, where the fuel lies stagnant for long periods, the catalyst will help keep the fuel fresh.
PRICE - RETAIL: $43.95*

F5T - Power Sports Pack - Snowmobiles, Jet Skis, ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Motorcycles (single, double or split tank application), Outboard Motors, small tractors -(Two F5T-1's in one packet)
NOTE: You must use both units in one vehicle to attain full results!!
NOTE: "Snowmobiles with under 10 gallon tank and under 150 HP Require 1 F5T pack."
"Snowmobiles with over 10 gallon tank or over 150 HP May Require one additional F5T-1 Unit"

Special Note: Model Info (Snowmobile, ATV, Jetski, Motocross)
Casual recreational riders should install the F5T in the fuel tank directly.
***Competitive Race Applications / very aggressive riding over rough terrain/jumps (such as professional Moto Cross) should pre-treat a 10 gal fuel can with the F5T Fitch unit & fill their equipment with the treated fuel instead of installing directly in tank.

PRICE - RETAIL: $84.95*
(Buy 2 F5T packages,or more, and we ship for free!)

Automotive Drop-In Unit Kits FFBO8

Click here for  Drop-in Systems for special Auto and Truck applications, Custom Cars and Hot Rods !!




Looking for your Complete Automotive In-Line Vehicle Kit? Click Here
Updated New Listings for Kits





The "HO-5UL and HO-10UL Series Catalyst". They are specifically designed for Residential heating applications. "UL Listed" for safety and easily installed on furnaces by a Licensed heating technician. Click Here.






The FHDG Heavy Duty Series Catalyst Units are specifically designed for Heavy Duty applications and are warranted for "500,000 miles or 10,000 hours". These units are designed for Transportation Engines, Construction Equipment, Power Generation and Industrial Heating/Boiler System Applications. For more information about these units Click Here.





There are many different sizes of Fitch units available for all types of applications and fuel flow rates. For off road, construction, heavy duty equipment, or stationary heavy equipment such as Generators etc contact us for more information. We will be happy to help you with your needs. Contact Us Here

Click here for  Individual Quick Connect In-line Unit Adapter Kits for Vehicles and In-Line Instalation Instructions

Contact us for Dealer Information

Special Notes

Note 1:Some Cars and Trucks containing aftermarket performance enhancing parts or exceedingly high horsepower may require larger size unit or additional drop in units.

Note 2: For larger engines or higher fuel flow rates, contact the manufacturer for recommened application.

Note 3: Automotive Hints and Benifits Q&A.

Free Shipping in Canada on Retail orders over $159.90!
(Free shipping offer not valid in NWT and Nunavut)

20% restocking fee will apply to any and all returned product Product must be accompanied by sales receipt and original packaging in original condition.

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