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Fitch Video Gallery


Welcome to the Fitch Fuel Catalyst video gallery, below is a range of video's that you can view on your computer. Some video's are quite large so please be pactient while they load.


  Fitch unit used in a lawn mower that was left outside in the winter for the last 6 years / 2009
  John Fitch interview with Jay Leno at "Jay Leno's Garage"
  WCSH6 Portland news report. A Cheaper Solution To Reduce Heating Oil Consumption / 2009
  Fitch promo add 2008
  Horse Power TV,testing the FFC
  BB Stunt Shows
  Hot Rod TV Testing, Emissions
  Fitch Catalyst reports, Australian TV
  Magazine reviews
  How it works
  Sports & Recreation, Who needs Fitch?
  Benefits 1
  Benefits 2
  Who Needs It, Stabilizer Information
  What it Does to Fuel
  Introducing John Fitch
  What is the Catalyst, Dr. Alvin Berlin
  Snowmobile Dyno Test
  Truck Installation
  Trucking and Bus Industry 1
  Trucking and Bus Industry 2
  Trucking and Bus Industry 3
  Motorcycles 1
  Motorcycles 2
  Motor Vehicles
  Hot Rods, Legend car Rookie of the year
  Hot Rods, Drag Racing 3
  Racing Cars
  ATV"s lawn mowers etc.



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