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Fitch Fuel Management System


The FFMS is the latest product to join the APSI line of products. The The Fitch Fuel Management System is the only dynamic fuel / water separator designed specifically for use on pleasure craft and commercial vessels as well as industrial applications, such as fuel storage tanks etc. FFMS polishes the fuel, removing water and algae directly from the source, your fuel tank. The effectiveness of the system is clearly visible in the sight glass. The system can operate on vessels anytime both underway or at the dock. Even when underway the system will draw fuel from the tanks, and continue to remove water and debris, further reducing the total amount of contaminants in the fuel. The FFMS prevents excessive clogging of costly fuel / water filters, extending their service life, reducing maintenance time, and preventing unexpected fuel related engine shutdowns. With regular use of the AlgaeSep the total amount of water and debris in the fuel tank will be greatly reduced. The absence of water will prevent new Algae from growing. The FFMS closed crankcase system is world renowned in the diesel engine industry as an ISO9001 Quality Registered Manufacturer, the products we bring to market are very reliable for assured performance in the most demanding environment.

For more information, manuals etc, about the FFMS email or call us at 1-866-GOFITCH. Units are available for many different size fuel tanks and applications.


***Note: When modifying the fuel system we recommend installation by a qualified professional mechanic or boat yard that is familiar with all applicable standards of vessel or application***


APSI does NOT APPROVE the use of the Fitch Fuel Maintenance System Fuel/Water Seperator on Gasoline Fuel Systems, as fire or explosion may occur.


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