"Favorite Things"

Well I finally got time to start on the electric for this bike. Once again having easy access was my focus.

Pics below will open larger.Just click on them!

I built a box that can actually be removed from the bike if need be. Just unplug two plugs from the harness and the whole box lifts out.

I tucked the connector for the brake light in underneath on the back of the oil tank. Here are shots without the box, and cover plate, installed on the bike.

Here it is with the with the outer dirt shield cover on it.............. Still some wiring to go up front. ..............Here are the main connectors.

Don't be sheep.....Be Unique!!!!


Page 1: The Begining..bits and pieces Click here
Page 2: Building Stuff Click here
Page 3: Paints back..start assembly Click here
Page 4: More assembly Click here
Page 5: The Electrical Box Click here
Page 6: More Assembly and seat Click here
Page 7: Done final pics and Spec sheet Click here