"Nadines Trike"

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Well its been a busy year and its been hard to find time to update as things go. Luckily I did manage to snap a few pics along the way, when I could think about it..ha ha. This project was challenging and fun at the same time. There are some reasons special to me that made this trike a very special build. Earlier this past spring a good friend of mine had an unfortunate bike accident and didn't make it home that day. Rick was a special guy and well remembered by all he met. We had laughed about now getting older, in our golden years they call it don't they? ha ha. Trikes always came into the conversation as I am getting one ready for one myself these days. A while after the accident his wife Nadine came to me and we talked about things and she asked me if I would build a trike for her. I was flattered that she would ask me to do it and I was in all the way.

So as with any build we have to start with the bare frame. Nadine was taking care of getting it painted and putting the graphics she wanted on it. So the rest was up to me. Clean up the motor and drive train and get ready for assembly.

On this day the Frankenstein Trike Kit arrived and I was like a kid in a candy store.Time open them up and see whats inside.

This is one beautiful kit. Time to get at it. First thing was to assemble the drive train and front end so we could get thing up on its wheels and get a look at it.

The new raked triple trees I ordered for the kit are beautiful and will make the trike a lot easier to steer. You can see here where it is finished that we did all of the wiring with stainless type coverings along with chrome ties. Cleans it right up. The black headlight adds nice mix of black and chrome to go with the rest of the bike and all of the cables including the mini speedo cable are stainless Steel Braid with clear coatings on them.

Up front we had a nice 19" twisted spoke, chrome hub wheel so no need to make any changes there. I loosened it up and trued the wheel again just to make sure it was good to go.

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Page 1: The Begining..bits and pieces Click here
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