When I first met Zeke he just dropped in with bike problems. He was from out of our area and a long way from home. I was glad to be able to help out. As time went by he moved his family to our area and began to settle in. He is a man of great integrity and respect. He is also an excellent artist. Through many years he drove his 1984 FLH for traveling and comfort. But after settling here and having maybe some bad influences, such as ourselves, he was bitten by the custom bug. Last year the big decker was transformed into what they call "an FLH on steriods!!" Stripped down and sleek with a bold paint job. Yes Zeke is a crafty fellow and excellent mechanic. The more he played with his bike the more he thought about painting. Having a very artistic tallent it was only the natural progression of things. So he got , much to our delight, into painting motorcycles. We have been proud to have his skills to aid in the finished bikes we build. He recently painted "Big sexy" for us which you can check out in the gallery for full size shots. Zeke is always the first to say "well were just learning ya know" but then again aren't we all. He is not afraid to try new things and is always expanding his area of expertise. After so many years of graphics it is nice to have a competant artist who can do murals to accent the personal tastes of each ones bike. I class myself as being very fortunate to have met Zeke and of being able to have his talents displayed on some of the bikes we build. I'm sure they will be on many more, if I have my way.

So if you think a personalized mural of some sort may be in your future to customize your bike drop us a line and we will put you in touch with him so you can discuss your own desires and tastes. After all I know what I want when I want it but "I'm no painter".

So be bold....take that step...check us out and remember....