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PMC Seats for Shovelhead Motorcycles


For many years I have heard riders complaining about the availbility of solo seats for Shovelheads. ure you can put on the classic style of a spring seat or a super thin seat that "looks cool" but is hard as a rock and you will be done after an hour or so of riding. There is one manufacture that does make a nice wide solo seat for shovels but not everyone likes that particular style. So we decided to design and make some up for our taller riders. When you weigh over 225lbs and are 6 foot or more tall, comfort for your ass becomes an issue.

We have designed our seats from plate 14 gauge steel and with a full 3 inchs of high density foam inside. They are also a little longer, in the rear, giving the rider the ability to slide back another few inches. This makes a tremendous difference. The bottoms are rivited and glued to last forever.

You can go from this...

To This.

Or This.


The seats come with a threaded rod, which will go through the frame, that has a hole, in the proper position to mount the seat. Two aluminium spacers, to insert in the frame holes, are included and will center the rod in the holes. Two washers and Chrome Acorn Nuts are included to finish the installation.

I have beed told by a seasoned rider that this is one of the most comfortable seats he had ever had, after going through 3 other styles. Be your own judge. These are one off seats and can be customized with different color thread and stich patterns. Variations will be posted as we have them.

PMC Customs seats are $375.00.

(additional mods may vary the price).

Check out the latest seat for PMC from Recover Your Ride. This seat is sold...custom order.

Add one of our own "Solo Driver Back Supports" and you will be more comfortable than you have ever been!

For info on backrestsCLICH HERE.

Diamond Stitched Seat and Pad in Stock at this time.

PM Cycles Ltd.
7224 Brooklyn Street
Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia
Canada, B4N 3V7
Phone: 902-679-2828
Fax: 902-679-0725

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