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Every project has a starting point and when we acquired this 2006 Softail I knew what the plan would be. Although this trike will be "FOR SALE"
building this one for myself and not another customer it gives me a free hand to do as I like.
That is a nice change I have not had for a while. Having been so impressed with the Fankenstien Trike kits that I have used in the past I knew this was the destiny for this bike.

First things first and that was to pull the engine as we knew it had a problem. The inner bearings and tensioner were never done and this one proved to be a problem.

Once the cam cover was off some thing began to look pretty bad. A feeling of dread came over me as I had a feeling of what was to come.

Once we had it opened up it was plain to see the bearing had failed and had ground up and pieces were drug through the whole motor.
The plan now is to put everything new in this engine, including the crankshaft assembly, and a new upgrade kit for the cam shaft plate and upgraded oil pump from Harley. Then the motor will be brand new and better than it ever was to begin with.
As the pictures show the case was also ruined as the cams had beaten the hole into a large oval hole. New set of Andrews cams going in as well to perk things up.

So now we have ordered most of the parts for this trike the fun begins. Checking out the inside of the motor you can see that this is a "B" motor with the balancer assembly.
Since metal was dragged through it all, and being a bit anal about things, I am going to replace all the pieces here including the sprockets and chain, except the balancer plate itself,
to insure that there is no fine metal anywhere in it that might escape the eye or caused premature wear.
This will be a brand new totally upgaraded motor.


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