"Nadines Trike"

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With the rolling chassie assembled it was on to the other stuff. The biggest challenge was what to do with the rear section? Nadine had said she did not want to just put the rear stock fender on it, as you see many do, and I agreed. I said I thought I could build her a rear section that would look a little more like a body than a fender if all went well. So agreed to go for it so it was on to the fabrication....

I opted to start with a Walt Gatling 12.5" rear fender to get the width I needed to be able to go over the frame struts and mount it with out any bolts, other than the shock mounts, sticking out. I wanted it just kind of floating there instead of looking like there were mounting bolts everywhere. Little things that many may not even notice but I had to have it that way.

It all was going well but I did have to fab a piece up for where the original chain cut out was in order to get the fender down far enough in the rear. Had to also build the front up over and around the frame struts and under the rear of the seat to clean everything up. still got some work to go here on that spot.

Since the fender originally only had very short sides I needed to build pieces to cover them in. Here you can see the front of the fender being finished to fit around the frame. A little trimming to go and we should have it. All that is left to do is weld some shaping rod on for a nice edge and then finish the other side.

Just some work on the bottom to give it a nice round look like a body panel and not a fender.

More happening now......


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