"Kathy's Trike"

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With every trike, in order to get it to handle properly, the neck needs to be raked out a few degrees to make for easy steering. Usually you would just change the triple trees and that would be it. But with a springer it involves a little more. The boys at Frankenstein were helpfull and turned me on to the one guy in the US who makes a new neck stem to rake it out 7.5 degress. Problem solved but it did require complete disassembly of the springer to do it. Here I am drilling and tapping it out for the locking screw for the neck.

After reassembling the springer and getting it back on it looks great. Normal springers are deraked and stubby looking but now with the rake it sits out there like it should.

Just the front wheel to go back on now and then the new pipes and rear fenders.

Getting closer now....


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