"The Snowman Cometh..
and he's bringing



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Now it was time to personalize some pieces for Derek and make this ride truly his own.

The first project was to fab up some new pieces to fill in the rear of the trike. This would give the rear end a finished look
with no open spaces left. It was back to "Eleanor" to plasma cut some bracket and mounts to hold the new parts.

With things welded together and all supporting pieces done I installed the parts to get a look at what the finished parts would look like.

Here is a before and after picture to show the difference in the looks of the trike from behind.
We also junked the big signal lights and bar
and replaced them with a new smaller black light bar and lights.

We got rid of the big oval breather cover and fabricated a new piece for the
air filter. We black powdered it and the intake manifold as well. Then we added brass buttons
and washers, and stainless steel screen behind it as we did on all of our pieces, to carry the same theme through out.

The dash was the next and Derek had called his Trike "REVENGE" so we fabed up this piece for it.

He also had a badge that meant a lot to him so we incorperated the badge into the black powdered horn cover.

Stay tuned as the project moves along......


PAGE 1: Snowman's ride begins...
PAGE 2: Revenge takes shape.....
PAGE 3: Powder and Paint and Reverse gets installed!
PAGE 4: Assembly Continues!
PAGE 5: Fabricating some personal pieces!
PAGE 6: Final Pics...she's done!

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