"The Snowman Cometh..
and he's bringing



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Time to assemble the front end. With everything blacked out and the ugly bumpers removed,
the clean front end takes shape.We also powdered the driving light rings black to off set the chrome.

We only left the Ultra Classic chrome badge to leave a small piece of chrome up there.
and we added a small skull spear on the top of the fender when we were done.

We did all the exhaust shields in high heat black. They just blend in with the side of the bike...you hardly notice the pipes at all.

Up on the bars we junked the old stuff and replaced everything with new blacked out mirrors,
Avon Black heated grips, and a beautiful set of Black "Zombie" sculptured levers.

Last but not least we added a set of Black adjustable shocks to the back as the originals were to
short for the conversion. Now Derek can adjust the height and ride of the shocks when he has a load on.


PAGE 1: Snowman's ride begins...
PAGE 2: Revenge takes shape.....
PAGE 3: Powder and Paint and Reverse gets installed!
PAGE 4: Assembly Continues!
PAGE 5: Fabricating some personal pieces!
PAGE 6: Final Pics...she's done!

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