"The Snowman Cometh..
and he's bringing



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Some of the newly powdered pieces came in today so the fun starts as we re assemble Revenge. Lots of details from
chrome to black making sure to leave enough chrome parts so as to have the smaller accents stand out against the Ink black.

Installing the Motor Trike Reverse System. Slick little unit and a must for most Trike conversions. Also here it gives
you a good look at the powdered cam cover and clutch covers. The new points cover with all brass screws holding it in.

Oh the joys of electrical wiring...ha ha. Had to remove the faring to put the trees on
and now it is going back together. Time to install a new radio and Avon heated grips while we are here.

Sometimes the right tool for the job is what you need to make your life a little easier.
This little red tool helps keep the ignition unit in line when being installed.
It also enables you to turn the bike on and off while working on things, without the top and key back on.

Some of the paint is coming back.....she is starting to take shape!

Stay tuned as the project moves along......


PAGE 1: Snowman's ride begins...
PAGE 2: Revenge takes shape.....
PAGE 3: Powder and Paint and Reverse gets installed!
PAGE 4: Assembly Continues!
PAGE 5: Fabricating some personal pieces!
PAGE 6: Final Pics...she's done!

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