"The Snowman Cometh..
and he's bringing



Pics below will open larger.Just click on them!

The first thing to do is to get things out of the way so you have a clean canvas to start with. Welcome to my nightmare..ha ha

The bike just gets smaller and smaller each day but soon it will be time to start to re-assemble and begin to bring REVENGE to life.

With many of the parts off, some are sent out to get them modified for the Trike.
The painted pieces are the first to go.

Next will be the various other parts, like the ones below, that are destined for a Gloss Black Powder Coating,
done by Denver from Perfect Powder.

Many parts were just stripped off never to be used again such as the large
ugly fender bumpers and huge rear fender signal lights.

Now it is time to get at it and start to bring a new life this Trike. The swing arm
is the first to go on and then rear end is assembled and she starts to take shape...

Next the beautifully machined raked triple trees go on. It is a shame that
these are covered up by the faring as they are a high quality pieces that deserves some attention.

So now that it's fat in the back........it is starting to takeng on a personality of its own......

Stay tuned as the project moves along......


PAGE 1: Snowman's ride begins...
PAGE 2: Revenge takes shape.....
PAGE 3: Powder and Paint and Reverse gets installed!
PAGE 4: Assembly Continues!
PAGE 5: Fabricating some personal pieces!
PAGE 6: Final Pics...she's done!

Don't be sheep.....Be Unique!!!!